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19 February 2016

Articles of Association of Lankem Ceylon PLC

Articles of Association of Lankem Ceylon PLC

Life @ Lankem

At Lankem, we encourage growth and development. As a business leader in varied sectors ranging from agribusiness, paints, plantations, hotels, consumer goods, food additives to industrial chemicals, we develop professionals who share our commitment to growth, quality, and integrity. We give them a foundation on industry best practices, training and rewards.

We have established a truly meritocratic work culture at Lankem, guaranteeing our employees the professional freedom they need to reach their fullest potential. Our open door policy ensures that there are ample opportunities in knowledge sharing and mentorship. We invest heavily in our professional program because we understand the importance of development.

We are dedicated to developing the ‘whole individual’. We understand that by supporting our employees various endeavour and interests, we are able to enhance their professional lives and reach the community at large.