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19 February 2016

Articles of Association of Lankem Ceylon PLC

Articles of Association of Lankem Ceylon PLC


Food & Beverage

We are engaged in manufacturing, importing, marketing and distribution of branded FMCG products specializing in the food and beverage category; which includes well-known local and international brands such as Sunquick Fruit Squash, Ovaltine, Star brand Essences & Colourings, Scan branded Bottled Water, Scan Jumbo Peanuts, Ocean Fresh Tuna and Scan Jack Mackerel etc.

Consumer Products

Over the years, Lankem Consumer has won the hearts of many Sri Lankan households by producing and marketing quality, value-for-money products. In its portfolio are 'Teepol', Sri Lanka's first liquid detergent, 'Bubble', the first laundry detergent powder for washing machines and 'Fenol', the only disinfectant in the country, which kills Escherichia coli (ecoli). The latest introduction to the category Sunny Double Active laundry soap is the first laundry soap which contains antibacterial properties.

Cereal – Nisiposha

The cereal division is the newest addition to the Group commencing commercial sales of its FMCG brand 'Nisiposha' only in the month of August. Nisiposha is manufactured in the state of the art factory situated in the Kapalthurai Industrial zone. Nisiposha is a cereal based nutrition supplement that is suitable for children. The division hopes to extend its product portfolio to various market segments based on the 'nutrigenomics concept', a cereal that caters to the specific needs of the nutritional requirements for specific target audience.

For more information on Food and Beverages log on to www.cwmackie.com