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19 February 2016

Articles of Association of Lankem Ceylon PLC

Articles of Association of Lankem Ceylon PLC

Industrial Chemicals

The undisputed market leader for industrial thinners and solvents, Lankem industrial chemicals has built for itself a strong reputation in the market through its supply of high quality, trusted industrial chemicals only imported from globally renowned partners around the world. We are Sri Lanka's largest petro chemical importer and are renowned as the authorized distribution agent for DuPont Titanium Dioxide in Sri Lanka. We are the only local chemical company which has a sophisticated underground storage and drum facility for solvents aimed at satisfying the ever growing need for industrial chemicals to support various industrial needs of the local rubber, plastic, textile, leather, ceramic, printing and paint industries etc. Our portfolio of products in addition to solvents and thinners also include pigments, refrigerant gases, adhesives and chemical raw materials catered for specific industrial needs. We aspire to become the industry leader in a wide variety of chemical raw material sourcing in addition to solvents and thinners to become the only chemical company that provides all industry solutions under one roof.