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19 February 2016

Articles of Association of Lankem Ceylon PLC

Articles of Association of Lankem Ceylon PLC

Our Philosophy - Mission and Vision

Business Policy

Transparency and ethical business practices are the backbone of how we do business at Lankem. Our corporate governance system ensures that our shareholders, business partners and employees are kept informed at all times.

We put our employees’ health and safety above all else in the pursuit of our business objectives and will not compromise on these standards.

Quality and productivity are at the top of our agenda and we strive to deal with products and suppliers that have a similar commitment to quality standards.

Our Vision

To be the front-runner in the chemical industry in Sri Lanka.

Our Mission

Our mission as a manufacturer and formulator of chemical products is to expand our business through value addition and quality assurance with a commitment to society to continuously improve management and performance in the areas of health, safety and the environment.