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19 February 2016

Articles of Association of Lankem Ceylon PLC

Articles of Association of Lankem Ceylon PLC

Pest Control

Lankem Pest Control consists of two sub sectors namely Termite Control and General Pest Control

Termite Control

Lankem Pest Control are the pioneers in the termite control industry in Sri Lanka. It has been operating as the market leader in the industry for more than two decades. As professionals we have the experience, knowledge and access to quality products to protect your home from the threat of termite infestation and serious structural damage. The main product is one that has been developed by FMC Corporation, USA. The division recently overcame competitors as the main termite control service provider to the Shangri La hotels in Hambantota and Colombo.

General Pest Control

This sub sector is fairly new to the general pest control industry. The division currently provides services for warehouse treatments, mosquito control, food and post harvesting pest control, fly control, fogging and rodent control. The future focus will be on, biological/ sustainable/ green concept pest control and the expansion of the already existing "do it yourself" / easy to use products.

For more information log on to www.lankem-pestcontrol.lk