We pride ourselves in opening doors to outstanding natural beauty and creating a peaceful environment to unwind, at distinctive destinations in Sri Lanka. The Lankem Group has invested in major tourist areas with operational hotels that are elegant and sophisticated with an intimate, homely atmosphere. Experience Sri Lanka enriched in traditions, colors, sublime natural landscapes, and dreamy coasts, with artistic history.

Boutique Hotels

Enjoy cosmopolitan comforts as you relax in the ambience of our Island from a charming boutique hotel that lies nestled in an enchanting garden with breathtaking views. With polished cement floors, granite walls, and cool pastel colors we offer an authentic stay experience. Indulge in pleasant memories with services and pampering designed to make the customers feel at home. Each suite has a tastefully-decorated living room, an extravagantly-sized bedroom, and a modern bathroom, harmoniously combined with contemporary elegance and design.


Elevated 4500 feet above sea level in Central Sri Lanka, you will be transported to an extremely serene and private getaway with crisp cool mountain air scented with Eucalyptus and Cyprus.  Unwind and relax with an exquisite view of the faraway mountain peaks and the music of the gurgling waters. The Bungalow boasts of the most exquisitely designed suites and rooms in contemporary style architecture with a lush-green garden bursting with a riot of flowers, birds, and butterflies adding to the serenity.

The Resorts