Robbialac is a pioneering paint manufacturer in Sri Lanka which established operations in 1984. Operating with resilience in a competitive and challenging market environment for nearly four decades, the ethos of the company is to ‘make people happy’, as we believe in occupying the space of colour but not in occupying the space of paint.

Hence our quest is to engage with our customers and make a connection personifying our tag line: Adding Colour to Life by addressing the psychological association between humans and colours. Our flagship brand, Robbialac features interior and exterior emulsions, wood coating, wall preparation and enamel paints.

Pioneers in epoxy coating, the water-based Kemikote exterior paint introduced by Lankem is environmentally friendly with very low VOC content. The company has also introduced an extensive collection of supporting applications such as fillers, adhesives, joint compounds, wall plasters, and a water-based wood coating range under Aquashield.