Tea is the second most consumed beverage around the globe. Ceylon Tea specifically is a treat among tea lovers. The flavors and concentrations can vary on climatological and topographical factors. After extensive research in identifying geographies and estates that produce exotic aromas, Lankem owns 6000 hectares of Tea estate in the Western High grown region, 2900 hectares in the Uva High grown region, and a further 250 hectares of in the Low grown Kalutara district. We produce approximately 16 million kilograms of Tea p.a contributing to 5% of Sri Lanka’s total crop.


Rubber plantation was introduced to Sri Lanka in the 19th Century by the British and we continue to manufacture and export the highest quality of natural rubber latex, crepe rubber. Lankem Ceylon Plc owns 5200 hectares of Rubber Estate in total. Kotagala Plantations produces 4 million kilograms of Rubber p.a contributing to 4% of the Island's total production.